Climate conference in Bonn supports women

Bonn    - The Bonn Climate Conference is to boost the roles of women and of the world's Indigenats peoples, delegates to the UN conference in the West German city said on Wednesday.
The Gender Action Plan envisages appointing more women to the climate secretariat to delegations and to projects, with more training opportunities offered to women as well.

Supporting women and minorities

Indigenous peoples are to be more closely involved in negotiations on climate policy.

This point had not been easy to implement, as the entire UN climate process is based on participation by UN member countries, German Environment Ministry official Karsten Sach said.

The Climate Risk Index analyzes the extent of damage caused by weather-related catastrophes based on death tolls and financial loss.

Both proposals are to be put to the conference's plenary session on Friday but are seen as certain to be passed.
Negotiations are continuing on how much weight should be given at the climate conference to the issues of losses and damage caused by climate change. Many organisations regard the current scope of talks on these themes as too limited.

More efforts to reduce climate change

Sach said a lot still had to be done on financing, although the main donor countries were "on the right course" to reach the joint target of 100 billion dollars per year over the years 2020 to 2025.
Syria has now not only signed the Paris Climate Agreement, but also become the 170th country to ratify it.