FAQ – Internal

Video isn't playing
If you have embedded a video and it is not playing, it might be for one of these reasons:

Video is not embedded correctly: 
Vimeo and YouTube offer you embed codes for uploaded videos. However, you are encouraged to use the blue "Embed Video" Button in Wordpress. Insert the link (and only the link! not the embed code) in the pop up windows. For pictured step-by-step instructions, please check the tutorial document

Video is not allowed to be embedded:
If you have embedded the video correctly and it is still not playing, it might be because of limitations set by the video uploader. If you (or your organization) have uploaded the video, you can change these settings on the Vimeo or YouTube Website. Otherwise you need to contact the uploader and request a change of permissions. If the settings are not changed, you can not use the video on EDNH.
My post is not visible on the website
You have created an article, but you can not find it on the website? It might be, because you have not published the article, but only saved it as a draft.
Another option: you have scheduled the article for a later point in time. Then of course the post will not be displayed before the set time. 
Also, if you have just published a post, it might take a few seconds (sometimes minutes) until the post actually goes live. Just refresh your browser by holding the CTRL-Key and pressing R.

Please also make sure you publish the posts as public. Otherwise you can only see it, if you are logged in (which normal users can not do).
How long can/must text be?
In general there are no technical limitations. However, the articles should look similar, so we agreed on the following:

Headline should not be longer than 80 characters.
Teasers must be between 180 and 200 characters.

For more on this, please check the Tutorial and the Styleguide.
Photo or infographic is displayed too small (or has a weird size)
If photos are not displayed correctly, it might be because you have not inserted them using the Blue Button, but the WordPress image integration. Please try again with the Blue Button. If you see the green "Download" button underneath your image, you have inserted it correctly. 
I can't change the title picture
If you can't change the title picture, it is most likely, that you are editing a translation. If your post is a translation all the metadata (including the title picture) will be taken from the original post. If you want to change it, you have to edit the original post (probably English) or create your article as a standalone new post (in that case translations will not be linked)
I can't use the blue buttons / no pop up
This is a bug, that should be taken care of. If you still experience the issue, then make sure the arrowhead of the "Bateaux Blueprint" Box points upwards. If it doesn't, then click on it once. 
Category / Top Topic doesn't exist
You want to post an article for a new top topic, but you are missing the box to check? 
This is probably, because we haven't created the top topic page yet. For technical reasons we have to do this for all five languages at the same time. If you are a little bit ahead and have content for the new category you have two options:

1. Post the article in the "News" category and change it, once the page is created

2. Hold the post until the new top topic is created. In the meantime you can save your article as a draft.
Where do I find training documentation and styleguide?
How can I translate and embed a Data-Dashboard in another language?