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EU praises election in Rwanda but expects “further efforts”

Brussels - The European Union said Sunday that Rwanda's elections, which led to a landslide win by incumbent president Paul Kagame, were "organised and secure" but further efforts were expected to improve transparency in the country's election process.
The 59-year-old was elected to a third term in office on Saturday, with the country's election commission announcing that he secured 98.63 per cent of Friday's vote.

A step to strengthen the electoral process

"The European Union has closely followed the presidential elections in Rwanda," the EU statement said, adding that a "diverse set of issues [had] been raised across a wide range of media in the campaign."
"The Rwandan people have engaged in the democratic process peacefully, with polling held in an organised and secure environment," it added.
With a reported turnout of 98 per cent, the elections represented a "step to strengthen the electoral process," the statement said.
The EU added that it expects the country to make further efforts to increase inclusiveness and transparency in future elections, however, especially regarding the registration of candidates, in order to achieve "a level playing field."