EU states, lawmakers to make final push for 2020 budget deal

Brussels - EU states and lawmakers will make one more push to approve a 2020 budget for the European Union before a Monday midnight deadline.

With six weeks left until the end of the year, the European Commission will have to come up with a new proposal if no agreement is reached.

EU budget negotiations tend to be fraught affairs, with capitals typically seeking to curb expenditures and the European Parliament usually advocating more funding.

The two sides failed to reach a compromise on the spending package late on Friday.

Negotiations between the member states and the parliament

EU member states have agreed on a budget of 153.1 billion euros (168.7 billion dollars) for next year, while lawmakers from the EU Parliament are pushing for a more ambitious 159.1 billion euros.

EU member states have earmarked 4 billion euros for unforeseen circumstances: the possible costs of Britain leaving the EU without a deal, for example, or Turkey needing additional EU funding to deal with refugees.

By contrast, the parliament would like to see more money spent on climate change issues, job creation, research and programmes boosting youth opportunities.

The EU is also looking to set out its next long-term spending plan from 2021, worth more than 1 trillion euros over seven years. Next year's budget is the final year in the current fiscal plan.

Most of the EU budget flows back to member states in various forms, including agricultural subsidies, support for poorer regions or research and education programmes.

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