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Income differences between men and women in the EU

According to the Eurostat Structure of Earnings Survey (2014) on average women still earn less than men in the EU. This data dashboard compares the total difference in income between men and women, as well as the relative difference. The gap varies by factors such as age and occupation.

  • On average men earn more than women in all EU countries.
  • Rare exceptions are – in the occupational group “Service and sales workers” and the age group of over 60 – Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic. Poland, Malta and Bulgaria. Here the women’s monthly income is higher than the men’s.
  • In general the income difference is lower in younger age groups than in older ones.
  • The gap tends to be larger in jobs that are mainly occupied by men (Craft workers: 39 %, Managers: 29,6 %, Assemblers: 29 %).
  • In countries where the wage level is higher the variation in income is also relatively high. Luxembourg is an exception – despite high wages the difference is quite small.
  • In Estonia the difference is high regardless of age and occupational group.

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