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Landing operations of the 1449 migrants on board the 'Vos Prudence' ship of Doctors Without Borders at the Naples' harbor, Italy, 28 May 2017. The ship was moored at the Carmine pier and all the logistical activities were carried out to land. ANSA/CESARE ABBATE
Landing operations of the 1449 migrants ... […]

2000 morti nel 2017: 85% degli arrivi in Italia, Ue ferma su ricollocamenti

Solo 20mila sui 98.255 previsti entro settembre 2017. Dall'Italia, solamente 6.896. Ungheria, Polonia e Repubblica Ceca fanno blocco
On 13 October 2016 in Jérémie, Haiti, (right) Mylove Théogène, 8, sits with other girls near her home. Myloves family stayed in their home on a hilltop until their home collapsed around 5:00am on the night Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti. Then, the family then moved to a school house for shelter. "I thought I was going to die. I thought my family would all die" said Mylove. The family of five lost their father in February 2016, when he fell from a tree while collecting fruit for the family to eat. "When I grow up I want to go to school" Mylove remarks as a second-grader who has not been to school at all in 2016. More than one week after Hurricane Matthew, as schools re-open across the country, more than 100,000 children will be missing out on learning after their schools were either damaged or converted into shelters. ANSA/UFFICIO STAMPA UNICEF ++ NO SALES, EDITORIAL USE ONLY ++
On 13 October 2016 in Jérémie, Haiti, ... […]

Italia primo paese Ue per minori soli nel 2016, in 2017 già 3mila arrivi

Record di bambini non accompagnati in fuga verso l'Europa. In Italia il 92% è arrivato senza nessuno. I dati Unicef e Save the Children