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#Parlamento europeo

A Belgian soldiers observes the platform of a Brussels' metro station following the terror alert level being raised to 4/4, in Brussels, Belgium, 25 November 2015. Regular life began to return to Brussels on 25 November as schools reopened and underground train services partially resumed, despite the city remaining under maximum terrorism alert in the wake of the November 13 attacks on Paris. The Belgian capital has been under security alert level four since 21 November, due to what Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel described as a 'serious and imminent threat.' EPA/LAURENT DUBRULE
A Belgian soldiers observes the platform... […]

Eurobarometro, 80% cittadini Ue chiede di più per lotta a terrorismo

Tema molto sentito da Spagna, Italia, Francia e Germania. Più impegno anche su difesa e sicurezza e migranti