The Eiffel Tower lights up with the slogan"Action Now"referring to the COP21, United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015. Negotiators adopted a draft climate agreement Saturday that was cluttered with brackets and competing options, leaving ministers with the job of untangling key sticking points in what is envisioned to become a lasting, universal pact to fight global warming. (ANSA/AP Photo/Michel Euler)
The Eiffel Tower lights up with the slog... […]

Stato dell’energia in Ue, target 2020 a portata di mano, bene l’Italia

Con le rinnovabili, salite al 17,1% nel 2014-2015, la Penisola ha ridotto la dipendenza dalle importazioni energetiche e si avvicina al target del 20% entro il 2020.