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EDNH News Monitor

The news trends widget (Snapshot, June 2018)

Live Data: What are the most popular news stories across Europe today?

Building on the live data from the The Europe Media Monitor, this infographic shows you what topics Europe's journalists have been busy writing about in the last hours - in the five languages of the ednHUB project.

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What does the infographic show?

It shows a headline for the top three news topics in each of the languages of the project, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Behind each headline, there is little graphic that represents the number of new stories on that topic found in the last hours. The data is updated every 10 minutes.

How are the top news topics ranked?

Topics are sorted according to the number of new stories about this topic found on the web in the last four hours. If you click on a headline, a detailed page about the topic will be opened.  You can see the underlying data, the stories found and  a larger version of the graphic on the website of the Europe Media Monitor.

How do you find the news topics?

The heavy lifting is done by the researchers at the EU's Joint Research Center.  They collect headlines from over 7000 media websites, retrieving and processesing around 300 000 new news articles per day for the Europe Media Monitor. These articles are categorized and clustered into topics. You can find more information about the methodology in the research paper "Observing Trends in Automated Multilingual Media" (PDF, 2015), and more information about related work in this newsletter (PDF, 2016).

When is the infographic updated?

The underlying data is updated approximately every 10 minutes, and the infographic follows this rhythm.

Can I chose fewer languages? Or more?

You can select any combination of the five languages that are part of the ednHUB project. The languages will be displayed in the order you select them - please see the setup section below. We currently have no plan for adding  new languages.

What about the long-term trends?

We're working on making available aggregated statistics in addition to the current trends.

Any further questions?

Please contact us via e-mail: info[at]