Can I use this content for free?
You are free to use the content on ednHUB under the following terms:

Please name the ednHUB as the source, link to the content, keep mentions of credit or add mentions of credit to acknowledge the agencies’ rights and include a copyright notice.
The re-publication of pictures and graphics is allowed only once.
Distribution of pictures to third parties is not allowed.
Photos may not be archived.
The publication of photos and graphics is only allowed with the related text (as a package) on European issues and in no other context. 

The content shall not be edited, modified or altered and is supplied on an ‘as is’ basis. We disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including fitness of content for a particular purpose and non-infringement of third-party rights. You will use said content at your sole risk.
Which browsers are supported?
For the optimum experience on this website, we recommend a browser which supports HTML5 and CSS3.
Embeds have been tested with:
Internet Explorer 10 (or higher)
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How long can I embed the content for?
During the period of the project until January 2023.
Can I embed content on mobile devices?
Yes. All multimedia applications - including videos, interactive webgraphics or data-dashboards - are optimized for mobile devices.
How can I translate and embed a Data-Dashboard in another language?

About the ednHUB

What is the ednHUB?
The European Data News Hub aims to provide credible and unbiased information on key European topics based on the analysis of data. We offer a rich resource of newly developed media formats including videographics, interactive graphics and investigative reports about major European topics. As stories unfold they will be updated in our latest news category in five languages.

For more information go to About us.
Who else can contribute to the ednHUB?
Other European news agencies are invited to join the European Data News Hub and add data-driven news content about the EU from their perspective. The goal is to offer a comprehensive picture of the work and emphasise the key role of the European Union and give readers a better understanding of the EU. If you are a news agency based in Europe and interested in participating in this project, please get in touch with us.
How long will the project last?
The European Data News Hub was launched in June 2017 will be online until March 2023.
How can you guarantee editorial independence?
News gathering and the production of data driven content in this project are completely free of external influence, which in turn guarantees that coverage lives up to the strict requirements of the editorial charter. This document lays down that reporting must be free of bias and unfettered by political, economic or governmental ideologies.
For more on this go to our editorial charter.