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Orban: Right-wing should unite, focus on migration in EU election

Budapest  - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, emboldened by a surge of right-wing parties across Europe, said Saturday that next year's election for European Parliament would be dominated by "one serious common theme - immigration."
Speaking to an ethnic Hungarian audience in Romania, Orban said that right-wing parties should unite in order to "focus all of our attention on the European elections of 2019" and placing migration at the top of the agenda.

Placing migration at the top of the agenda.

"Christian democracy is not liberal ... It is illiberal, if you like," Orban said.
The Hungarian leader said that, unlike liberal democracy, the Christian democracy he envisions for Europe rejects multiculturalism and immigration while being anti-communist and espousing for Christian values.
Orban is a leading figure among EU countries opposed to immigration. Since the 2015-16 migration crisis, Hungary has fenced off its border and passed a series of laws against migrants and the aid organizations assisting them.