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Poll: Most Brits see EU with upper hand in Brexit negotiations

Berlin - Two-thirds of British people surveyed, or 67 per cent, feel that the European Union is in a stronger position in the negotiations to withdraw Britain from the bloc.

Only 10 per cent of the British people asked by pollsters YouGov in results published on Wednesday felt that Britain had the upper hand in the negotiations.

Similar results in other EU countries

YouGov surveyed some 8,000 people in seven different EU countries between December 13 and 19, asking them one question: "Who do you think has the upper hand in the Brexit negotiations?" Possible answers were: Britain, Rest of the EU or Don't know.

Almost a quarter of Britons, or 23 per cent, did not know.

People surveyed in other EU countries also saw the European Union in the stronger position: In Denmark it was 61 per cent of those asked, in Germany 50 per cent and in both Sweden and Norway 44 per cent.

In France and Finland 36 per cent of people said the EU was stronger.

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