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#Climate change

Nach einem Zwischenfall in einem Chemiebetrieb in Oberhausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen) stehen Autos auf der Autobahn 42 im Stau. In einer Chemiefirma in Oberhausen ist ein Behälter mit Schwefelsäure gebrochen. Die Flüssigkeit sei am Donnerstagmorgen in ein Auffangbecken gelaufen und werde kontrolliert abgepumpt, sagte ein Sprecher der Feuerwehr. Bei dem Unfall könne eine giftige Wolke entstanden sein. Die Polizei forderte die Menschen in Oberhausen auf, Fenster und Türen geschlossen zu halten. Verletzt wurde nach ersten Erkenntnissen niemand. Foto: Arnulf Stoffel/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
Nach einem Zwischenfall in einem Chemieb... […]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU

Greenhouse gas emissions by sector and country in the European Union in 2015
Liam Fox making a statement to the House of Commons in central London following his resignation as Defence Secretary where he was 'very sorry' to colleagues who felt let down by his decisions, 19 October 2011. Dr Fox said there had been a 'media frenzy' about his links to Adam Werritty, some of which had involved 'personal vindictiveness and even hatred'. EPA/PRESS ASSOCIATION UK and Republic of Ireland
Liam Fox making a statement to the House... […]

British trade minister to discuss post-Brexit deal with US

The UK is to hold its first talks with the US to try to sketch out the details of a potential post-Brexit trade deal.
Greenland contains enough frozen water to lift oceans by about seven metres (23 feet), though experts disagree on the global warming threshold for irreversible melting. Photo: Steen Ulrik Johannessen/AFP
Greenland contains enough frozen water t... […]

Greenland now a major driver of rising seas: study

Ocean levels rose 50 percent faster in 2014 than in 1993, with meltwater from the Greenland ice sheet now supplying 25 percent of total sea level increase compared with just five percent 20 years earlier, researchers say.