The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says it is aiming for "net zero carbon emissions" by 2050, a bold but necessary goal according to its CEO Willie Walsh. Photo: Daniel Slim / AFP
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Zero net emissions by 2050: a huge challenge for the airline industry

How can passengers take 10 billion flights a year without contributing to global warming? The question of "greening" the international aviation sector by 2050 constitutes a huge task whose stakes can make the head spin, according to the airlines themselves
Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans (L) and President Ursula von der Leyen unveil the 'European Green Deal' during a press conference at the EU Parliament in Brussels on July 14, 2021. Photo: John Thys / AFP
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Europe’s green economy plan: main points

The European Commission has unveiled a vast legislative programme to increase the cost of pollution and drive the economy towards a carbon neutral future
German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks alongside Finance Minister and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a press conference after a climate commitee meeting at the Futurium in Berlin on September 20, 2019. Photo: Axel Schmidt / AFP
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Germany reaches 100 bn euro climate plan deal as protests heat up

German Chancellor Merkel's government reaches a deal on a broad climate plan for the country that commits at least 100 billion euros by 2030 to environmental protection
View of the exhaust pipes of a diesel car, taken on 14.06.2012 in Leipzig. The fumes from diesel cars contain a lot of unhealthy nitric oxide. (to dpa "Diesel plays in the fleet of the state government still leading role" from 19.09.2017) Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / dpa /archive
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EU Commission wants 30-per-cent cut to car Emissions by 2030

The EU Commission wants carbon dioxide emissions from cars to be reduced by 30 per cent by 2030.
Nach einem Zwischenfall in einem Chemiebetrieb in Oberhausen (Nordrhein-Westfalen) stehen Autos auf der Autobahn 42 im Stau. In einer Chemiefirma in Oberhausen ist ein Behälter mit Schwefelsäure gebrochen. Die Flüssigkeit sei am Donnerstagmorgen in ein Auffangbecken gelaufen und werde kontrolliert abgepumpt, sagte ein Sprecher der Feuerwehr. Bei dem Unfall könne eine giftige Wolke entstanden sein. Die Polizei forderte die Menschen in Oberhausen auf, Fenster und Türen geschlossen zu halten. Verletzt wurde nach ersten Erkenntnissen niemand. Foto: Arnulf Stoffel/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
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Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU

Greenhouse gas emissions by sector and country in the European Union in 2015