Women's rights

The #MeToo effect
The fight against harassment, demands for more influential roles in the world of cinema: since Me Too, the movement for women's rights has accelerated. Women no longer want to be silent but denounce the harassment, sexual assault and violence which they are victims of. They want equality with men in their professional lives and in business. With women at the head of the European Commission and of national governments (across the bloc?), Europe is at the forefront of this fight.
An activist of the "Declic" movement for women's rights holds a printed half face picture showing a victim of domestic violence during a protest in Bucharest. Photo: Daniel Mihailescu / AFP-File
An activist of the "Declic" movement for... […]

As pandemic eases, fatal gender violence worsens in Europe

As life returns to normal in Europe, there has been a resurgence of violence against women as abusers experience a "loss of the control" they enjoyed throughout the coronavirus lockdowns
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