Editorial charter

Editorial content

Beneficiaries undertake to provide and monitor their Actions with a view to maintaining high general standards in all respects (and in particular in respect of their content, quality and editorial integrity), meeting the needs and interests of audiences

Actions (a) aim at selecting, checking and disseminating information about the EU; (b) support and reflect EU cultural diversity; (c) contain comprehensive, authoritative and impartial coverage of news and current affairs in the EU and throughout the world when having an EU dimension, as well as of informed debates at regional, national and EU levels; (d) contain background and explanatory content; (e) contain content that explains the impact of EU policies, decisions and actions on the lives of EU citizens and reflects the concerns of audiences

Beneficiaries shall present an impartial account, prepared or commented by professional reporters, of the proceedings and policies of EU Institutions and bodies.

Objectives of the Actions

Beneficiaries shall:

Publish on their website(s) and make available to anybody who requires it a statement of commitment to their readers/listeners/viewers, describing their Actions, standards and objectives;

Report in reasonable detail on the performance of the Agreement and publish on their website(s) an account of: (a) how they meet their published standards and objectives; (b) the editorial standards appropriate to the Actions, the measures taken to ensure compliance with such standards and the extent to which beneficiaries have complied with such standards; (c) the. subject matter and handling of complaints from their audiences indicating the proportion which was upheld.

Quality standards

Beneficiaries shall take all necessary measures to ensure that all content broadcast, transmitted or published by or on behalf of or under license from Beneficiaries as part of the Actions: (a) aim to address a wide range of topics; (b) are broadcast at appropriate times, if applicable; (c) treat controversial subjects with due accuracy and impartiality; (d) avoid anything which could legitimately offend good taste or decency, or is likely to encourage crime or lead to disorder, or could offend those watching or listening; (e) do not improperly exploit sensitivities of the audience, religious views and/or beliefs of those belonging to a particular religion or religious denomination; (f) do not include techniques to influence audiences without their being aware.

Beneficiaries shall: (a) draw up and regularly review editorial guidelines, that explain their quality standards in relation to their Actions; (b) do all that they can to ensure that the guidelines are respected in the provision of news and content.

The editorial guidelines shall, in addition, indicate, to such extent as Beneficiaries consider appropriate: (a) what due impartiality does and does not require; (b) the ways in which due impartiality may be achieved in the editorial content being produced.


Beneficiaries shall make appropriate arrangements to research the needs and interests of the audiences of their Actions, which they may operate within the Agreement or in collaboration with universities, businesses and others as they see fit.


Beneficiaries shall not offer or give or agree to give to any person in EU institutions any gift or consideration of any kind as an inducement, or reward for doing or forbearing to do, or for having done or forborne to do, any act to obtain or execute this Agreement or any other Contract or Grant Agreement or for showing or forbearing to show favour or disfavour to any person in relation to this Agreement or any other Contract or Grant Agreement;

Any breach of this condition by Beneficiaries or by anyone employed by Beneficiaries or acting on their behalf (whether with or without their knowledge) or the commission of any offence by the Beneficiaries or by anyone employed by the Beneficiaries or acting on their behalf in relation to this Agreement might entitle the Commission, after an appropriate contradictory procedure, to recover from the Beneficiaries the amount or value of any such gift, consideration or commission.