Paris - More than 40 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines have been given around the world according to an AFP count, with Israel topping the global table.


- Israel leads -

At least 60 countries or territories, representing 61 percent of the global population, have launched vaccination campaigns.

But nine out of 10 doses have taken place in only 11 countries.

Israel is by far leading the mass vaccination race in proportion to its population: 2.43 million vaccines have been given to 2.12 million people, or nearly a quarter of the population.

Percentage of the population vaccinated against Covid-19


Some 3.6 percent of Israelis have already received the second dose.

The country secured a huge stock of Pfizer jabs partly by pledging to share impact data quickly with the company.

One privacy specialist describing the rollout as "the biggest experiment on humans in the 21st century".

How do vaccinations help the immune system combat diseases?


- Britain tops Europe -

The US leads the way in terms of volume, giving 12.28 million jabs to 10.60 million people (3.2 percent of the population), ahead of China (more than 10 million doses).

In Europe the UK is leading, having been the first in the region to begin its innoculation campaign at the start of December.

So far it has administered 4.31 million doses to 3.86 million people (5.7 percent of the population).

Next are Italy (1.15 million doses) and Germany (1.05 million).

European Union countries in all have administered more than 5 million doses to some 1.2 percent of citizens.

Denmark is leading in the bloc with 2.9 percent of its citizens already receiving one dose.

Covid-19: vaccinations in Europe (as of Jan 11)



- Seven vaccines -

There are currently seven vaccines circulating around the world, all designed to be given in two doses.

The vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech (US-German) and Moderna (US) are dominant in North America, Europe, Israel and the Gulf.

Britain's AstraZeneca-Oxford is used in much of the UK and India, with the latter also using a vaccine produced by its pharmaceutical firm Bharat Biotech.

Russia's Sputnik V vaccine has been rolled out in Russia, Argentina, Belarus and Serbia.

China's Sinopharm jabs are being administered in China, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, the Seychelles and Jordan, while Indonesia and Turkey are using China's Sinovac vaccine.

Different routes to a Covid-19 vaccine



- Global total -

At least 40,062,725 vaccines have been administered, according to data collected by AFP based on official sources on Monday at 1030 GMT.

This figure is undoubtedly an underestimate since China, the US and Russia have not updated their data in recent days.

Covid-19: vaccinations worldwide



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