The economic recovery of Europe
The European economy has been harshly hit by the coronavirus crisis. In a few months, the European Union has managed to take a new step towards solidarity between its member states with the adoption of a maxi recovery plan worth 750 billion euros, financed by commonly-issued debt f for the very first time. EU leaders also approved a new seven-year European budget of 1.1 trillion euros. How will the governments of the world's second economic zone use the resources to help their countries bouncing back?
Aircraft stored by Tarmac Aerosave at the firm's aerodrome in Azereix, southwestern France, on February 4, 2021. Photo: Lionel Bonavenure / AFP
Aircraft stored by Tarmac Aerosave at th […]

At the foot of the Pyrenees planes put out to pasture

Under the snow-capped Pyrenees, dozens of planes are lined up like toys on a shelf at one of several airports in southern Europe where parking planes has become big business
An employee works on the vaccine packing line at the factory of British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) where the Covid-19 CureVac vaccine will be produced in Wavre, Belgium on February 8, 2021. Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP
An employee works on the vaccine packing […]

Pandemic showcases Belgium as Europe’s Vaccine Valley

A small country with an outsize reputation in research and pharmaceuticals, Belgium has emerged with a strategic role in the world's battle against the coronavirus
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