The journey from a coal union to the energy transition
The European Union in its present-day form is the result of various associations of individual states such as the ECSC and the EEC. These organisations were founded in the 1950s, in part to enable the production and trading of energy under common sets of rules. However, a truly coherent energy policy did not emerge until 2007 when the European Energy Strategy was first adopted. Current challenges include issues such as climate change and energy efficiency, the dependence on fossil fuel imports, the energy transition or the return of the US to fossil fuels.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says air pollution is to blame for around one third of global deaths linked to lung cancer. Photo: Boryana Katsarova / AFP
The World Health Organization (WHO) says […]

EU chokes on own air quality standards

Air pollution causes hundreds of thousands of deaths each year in Europe. AFP survey examines how the European Union is trying to enforce air pollution standards across the 28-member bloc.